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18 May – 22 June 2022
09:30 – 11:00
26 May 2022
13:30 – 15:00
31 May 2022
10:30 – 11:30

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13 May


Online Safety for Under 5s: 10 Top Tips for Parents and Carers A free online safety guide on online safety for under 5s. According to Ofcom’s most recent research, a significant proportion of children are already online by the time they start school, with 17% of 5-year-olds owning their own mobile phone and 50% using messaging platforms. As becoming familiar with technology is generally encouraged in younger children – and has been essential for education during the pandemic – it is essential that trusted adults recognise both the benefits and the risks of infants and toddlers going online. We’ve compiled our top tips to help the under-5s start their online safety journey. In the guide, you'll find tips such as managing screen time, block in-app purchases and using devices together.

10 May

Derian House Day

Thank you so much to all our children and their families for supporting our Great British Bake Off Competition and raffle last week. We are pleased to share that we raised £203 for Derian House.

3 May

Bike to school day

Join us tomorrow Wednesday 4th May for our Bike To School Day. Come to school on your bike, we will keep it safe throughout the day, then cycle home. Remember to wear your helmet and ride safely.

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