Welcome to St Luke and St Philip's Primary School; A Church of England Academy

On behalf of everyone at St Luke and St Philip's, I would like to welcome you to our school website. We believe that our school is a very special place for children to learn and we are always very pleased that parents and choose our school as the place for their children to embark on the next stages of development and growth.

St Luke and St Philip's converted from a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School to an Academy in May 2014.  We are now a member of the Cidari Multi Academy Trust.
Our school provides a grounding in the Christian faith for all its children with emphasis on collective worship as part of its daily life.  Christian values are built into the ethos and teaching of our school with the support of all Governors and staff for its Christian foundation.  We also seek to encourage an understanding and respect for other world faiths.

Our vision statement is: The family of St Luke and St Philip’s will ensure excellence is encouraged, minds are opened, diversity is embraced, respect is expected and talents are nurtured under the umbrella of God’s love.

We have a very strong link with St Luke with St Philip’s church and many pupils attend a wide range of local churches and establishments. We promote the Christian education and ethos through our curriculum and our acts of Collective Worship are Christian in nature.

We have a dedicated staff team who provide well planned and organised lessons and activities. A wide range of curriculum enrichment activities are also provided to enhance children's learning. We have a supportive and hard working group of governors who are highly skilled in different areas. Governors and staff work together to provide our children with the very best learning opportunities. We encourage our pupils to be responsible for their learning, to grow in confidence and become independent. We believe that our children learn best when members of staff and parents work in partnership and so we value your involvement with your child's education.

Children coming into the school bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world around them. It is our aim to build on these skills and promote a willingness and enthusiasm to learn more. At St Luke and St Philip's we see education as the beginning of a journey, where the experiences children have form their very being and forge their character.

We are very proud of our school and our pupils' achievements. We believe that the combination of our committed staff, the determination of our pupils and the support of their families helps to make our school a fun and creative place to learn and belong to.

Miss Samantha O'Connell  -  Headteacher

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