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Church & Worship

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is seen as a central and important part of the education of this school as determined by the Mission Statement.

“To provide high quality education for all children based on clearly established Christian values and principles”

The objectives of Collective Worship are:

To encourage all pupils to grow in Christian goodness.
To encourage children to participate in Collective Worship through sharing their own sensitivities and thoughts.
To allow pupils to experience and explore the spirituality of traditional and contemporary prayer.
To provide acts of collective worship in a variety of settings, e.g. classroom, hall, Church as appropriate.
To give pupils experience of traditional and contemporary worship styles.
To allow pupils to experience traditional and contemporary religious music, hymns and songs.
To provide a framework in which stories from Christian and other faith backgrounds can be explored to illustrate moral and spiritual dimensions.
Through silence and meditation, give children the opportunity to reflect upon their thoughts and their relationship with God.

Our Worship Team

The Organisation of Collective Worship at St. Luke and St Philip’s Primary School

In order to achieve the above aims, all teaching staff, support staff, and parents are expected to set a positive example and to encourage children to fully participate in collective worship.

All children should experience an act of Collective Worship at the start of each day. This may be class based, Key Stage based or whole school.

During the year, services will be arranged in school and Church to celebrate the passage of the Christian Year.

All teaching staff will be expected to attend acts of Collective Worship and lead them as directed by the Headteacher. The school’s Vicar will also lead acts of worship, and members of other faiths communities will be invited to share our worship where appropriate.

Collective Worship themes will be run on a three-year cycle. An overall theme will be given to Worship each half-term and acts of worship will follow this theme. The theme will also run alongside each worship theme, allowing links to be made between PHSCE and RE/CW. Special events in the Christian calendar will be celebrated, as will the festivals of other world faiths.

The Allocation of time to Collective Worship

Each school day will normally begin with an Act of Collective Worship between the end of registration (9.05am) and 9.25 am. When special services are arranged, suitable timings will be agreed.

More information is available in our Collective Worship Policy

Samantha O’Connell



Courageous Advocacy

Vision Statement

‘The family of St Luke and St Philip’s will ensure excellence is encouraged, minds are opened,  diversity is embraced, respect is expected and talents are nurtured under the umbrella of God’s love.’


1 John 3:18, “My children, we should love people not only with words and talk, but by our actions and true caring.”

Christian School Values

The Vision, Scripture and Christian values of St Luke and St Philip’s underpin every aspect of school life. We promote Christian values within the school, as exemplified by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

At St Luke and St Philip’s, we encourage and support our children to be “courageous advocates”.  This means they champion causes which are special and meaningful to them.  These may be global issues or matters far more personal and closer to home. 

We believe this supports their spiritual development, moral development, social development and cultural development and as a result, strengthens their understanding of the wider world and how they can help make it a better place, enabling our children to flourish.

We support a range of charities in our local area, nationally and globally. The Worship Team and School Council work with staff, governors, parents and pupils to identify worthy causes to support.


Our Harvest Festival was a celebration and a chance to give thanks. We said thank you to God for all the good things He gives us and how He helps us to share with others who are not so fortunate. We also gave our thanks to Reverend Kath for a lovely service and our generous parents for their contributions. 

Our Harvest offerings this year were donated to Nightsafe, a local charity which supports young people. The children are so proud that their contributions are making a positive impact in someone’s life.


St Luke and St Philip’s Primary School
A Church of England Academy

Values for Life – Three Year Overview

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Autumn I

(Including Harvest)

(Including Harvest)

(Including Harvest)

Autumn II

(Including Advent)

(Including Advent)

(Including Advent)

Spring I




Spring II

Respect and Reverence 
(Including Easter)

(Including Easter)

(Including Easter)

Summer I




Summer II




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