1 02, 2019

Can the force of magnet still attract from a distance?

2019-02-01T19:15:13+00:00 February 1st, 2019|Latest News, Year 3|

  The children in Year 3 were looking at the force of magnet and investigating to see if it can still attract metal from a distance. They took part in different activities and were able to use scientific vocabulary to explain their findings.

7 01, 2019

British Values-The Rule of Law

2019-01-29T15:15:52+00:00 January 7th, 2019|Latest News, Year 3|

British Values 5A37F264-7A15-44C5-8F91-31BD9F78DC7E   Today we have been focusing on one of the elements of our British Values which is the Rule of Law. We discussed the importance of rules and why we have them in school and in our country. Here are a couple of video clips of our children explaining their reasons for [...]

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