Year 6 Annual Curriculum Overview


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Survival Britten's Got Talent/Christmas SATS REVISION SATS REVISION Heroes and Villains Oh! Do I like to be beside the seaside
Subject -Science
Evolution and Inheritance - Have we always looked like this? Light; How can you light up your life? Animals; What would a journey through your body be like? Animals; What would a journey through your body be like? Electricity; Could you be the next Nintendo apprentice? Electricity; Could you be the next Nintendo apprentice?
Subject -History
Famous Scientists and their contribution to the world; Louis Pasteur. Understanding of the history of music, including Benjamin Britten. SATS REVISION SATS REVISION Vikings and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England Study of an aspect or theme in history beyond 1066 over time e.g. leisure and entertainment theatre and Fashion - fashion show
Subject -Geography
Mapping skills - World countries and key features - research   SATS REVISION SATS REVISION Geography; Mapping skills-Human geography, land use, economic activity. OS map work  
Subject -Art
Drawing and painting developed into digital art; developing sketchbook ideas Art-Painting inspired by music   DT - Food Technology-designing a healthy meal menu/eat well plate DT-Textiles linking with Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. Art; Drawing and painging developed into collage / batik / felt making DT - structures, mechanical systems, electrical systems, ICT programming and control.
Subject -Music
Practice, rehearse and present performances with an awareness of the audience  - Survival Rap. Lancashire Key Learning Understanding of the history of music, including Britten; performing a New Year Carol by Britten. Lancashire Key Learning     Creating-explore, choose and organise musical structures, e.g. composting a rap. Lancashire Key Learning Creating-explore, choose and organise musical structures, e.g. composting a rap. Lancashire Key Learning
Witton CLC  Pantomime production - Christmas Winmarleigh Hall Residential Trip to Chiqutos - PSHCE Witton Field trip Geography. Blackburn Cathedral Blackpool Pleasure Beach
6.1 Life as a journey (6 hrs) Non-Christain Faith Unit; Pilgrimage (4 hrs). 6.2 Christmas - Advent (4 hrs)  Non-Christian Faith Unit: Passover (6hrs) 6.3 Eucharist (2hrs)                              .6.4 Easter – Who was Jesus?(4hrs) 6.5 Ascension and Pentecost (4hrs) 6.7 Prayer/people of faith (4hrs). S9 What matters the most?
IT/DL - digital research IT - multimedia CS - computational thinking IT / CS / DL - digital research, communication and collaboration / networking CS - programming / computational thinking / hardware IT / DL - digital research
Dance - Evolution Dance and invasion games Gymnastics Striking and Fielding Athletics Outdoor and Adventurous activities
Theme 1 Unit 3 H and W Aspirations Theme 1 Unit 4/5 H and W Emotions and Safety Theme 2 unit 3 R. Similarities and differences Theme 2 unit 4 R. Healthy relationships Theme 3 unit 1 LITWW              Rights and responsibilities Theme 3 unit 4 LITWW                                  Enterprise
Literacy & Language
Unit 1 - Fiction - Legends (Robin Hood) (4 weeks) Unit 2 - Poetry (2 wks) Unit 2 – power of imagery      Unit 6 – non- fiction change a story to comic strip
Lancashire Units
Survival. Biography Bear Gryls (3 weeks) Classic Fiction - Wizard of Oz (4 wks). Persuasion / formal review (1 wk). Poetry - songs and lyrics Older literature – Macbeth  Revision of different genres Flashbacks. The Giant's Necklace  
Scaffolded Outcomes
Retelling of Robin Hood . Biography of Bear Gryls New chapter in the story. (Back story - wicked). Review of M and M. Poetry - enjoy and listen. Macbeth – Rewrite scenes, character descriptions. Develop basic skills – cover genres chn unsure of Gather writing evidence for evidence folder   Sats. The lion and Albert. Biography
Independent Writing Opportunities (Literacy cross curricular)
Rewrite another aspect of story. Biography of Darwin. Information texts on Science Review of dancing (Strictly). Review of alternative live performance Biography of scientists
Explanation of how to eat well
Information booklet/ on Vikings
Diary/letter of Viking invasion
Weekly creative writing opportunities Weekly creative writing opportunities  
Monkey Monkey. Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum Stories from Shakespeare by Usborne. The Case of the Deadly Desperados by Caroline Lawrence. The Hangman's Lair and Other Case Files by Simon Cheshire. Kidnapped by Pie.  Corbett on the Teach Primary website Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden
Ma Famille Ma Famille & Noel L'ecole Mon uniforme Au Marche L'avenir
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