Year 5 Annual Curriculum Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Faster, Higher, Stronger Food, Glorious Food! Earthlings Inventors and Inventions Kingdom United  Amazon Adventure

Subject -Science

Properties of materials Materials - reversible and irreversible changes Earth and space Forces and falling objects Animals including humans Lifecycles 

Subject -History

Ancient Greece      Early Islamic civilisation  Saxons and Scots  

Subject -Geography

  World food –where does food come from?     UK cities, counties and key features contrasting region – Amazon Basin

Subject -Art

Art: Figure drawing developed into 3d sculptures.  DT: Food – food from another culture  Art: drawing and painting  DT: Mechanical systems DT: ICT and electrical systems - control and electrical components Art: painting developed into printmaking. DT: textiles - Using gussets, patterns, joining with seam  


 Vocal lessons to develop singing  Explore and explain their own ideas and feelings about music using movement, dance, expressive language and musical vocabulary.   listening to high quality recorded music and how musical elements can be used to create effects.  Develop awareness of how music is used and create a playlist      listening to and performing a range of music from around the UK including anthems.  


  Crown Paints – science and industry Jodrell Bank Blackburn Museum/Mosque Salmesbury Hall?/Visitor Bring yer willies/Witton Park


5.1 The Bible. Non Xn faith unit: Sacred Books 5.7 Christmas Around the World 5.5 Women in the Old Testament 5.4 Easter – Victory S2 The Lord’s Prayer 5.3 Jesus – teacher. S5 Expressing Christian Faith Through Art


Programming Electronic communication and collaboration Modelling Programming Data Handling Multi media


Collaborative working Nutrition and Food Communication Economic awareness Diversity Health and puberty


Gymnastics Dance Games Gymnastics Games Athletics


Session with Tony Allen Session with Tony Allen Session with Tony Allen Session with Tony Allen Session with Tony Allen Session with Tony Allen

Literacy & Language

Unit 1 – Myths (3/4 weeks) Unit 1 instructions Unit 3 – non- fiction information booklet (different text – persuasion/ explanation) (2/3 weeks)   Unit 5 – Legends – (3 weeks) Last 2 weeks Unit 4 – Jeremy Strong Unit Fairy tales (2 weeks)


Unit 5 – non-chronological reports(2 weeks)       Unit  3 – persuasion (2 weeks)  

Lancashire Units

Myths (2/3 weeks) Oliver (to be read as class novel) (4 weeks) Science fiction - Dr. Xargle Aquila (2/3 weeks) Hugo Caberer (3 weeks) Legends (St George) – link to dragons Stories from another culture – (3 weeks)


reports (2/3 weeks)                                       Poetry – 1 week **start with Poetry – T Winters (1/2 weeks) Read Oliver whilst completing poetry unit Information booklet (2-3 weeks) Newspaper - Non – fiction – (2 weeks) Non- fiction – persuasion (2 weeks) dragons Den ** start with this Non- fiction – debate – (1 week) – rainforest

Scaffolded Outcomes

Myth Story/Section of Oliver  Sci Fi story Story Legend 1st person narrative

Independent Writing Opportunities (Literacy cross curricular)

Report on aspect of Ancient Greece Perform narrative poetry               Explanation/Information text on change (science) Information booklet on Space. Music review   Persuasion (Dragons den) Debate on deforestation


The Fire Thief Oliver/Xmas carol Space Pirates and Other Sci-fi Stories by Tony Bradman.                         Time Spinner by Roy Apps The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.
The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm by Norman Hunter
Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. Legends of the British Isles Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson.


Ma Famille Ma Famille & Noel L'ecole Mon uniforme Au Marche Mes loisirs
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