Year 4 Annual Curriculum Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Sparks Might Fly!  The Great Plague  The Art of Food  Water, Water  Everywhere Hunted Passport to Europe

Subject -Science

Electricity - series circuits, switches,  conductors, insulators Sound Teeth and the digestive system States of matter Habitats - grouping and classifying plants and animals  Habitats - grouping and classifying plants and animals

Subject -History

  A theme in British history beyond 1066 - The Great Plague of 1665   Ancient Egypt (including the River Nile)    

Subject -Geography

  Rubbish and recycling - environmental study   Key aspects of rivers   Contrasting region in a European country

Subject -Art

DT: ICT and electrical systems - control and electrical components Art: Drawing developed into printmaking, rotating and translating images Art: Drawing and painting of still life into 3D sculpture Art: Abstract painting; relief paintings, large and small scale with texture DT: Food – simple savoury food and cooking techniques DT: Textiles - seams, stiffening and strengthening, materials and fastenings

Subject -Music

  Creating - explore, choose, combine and organise musical ideas using an electronic sound source (Autumn 1 unit)         Children will explore, choose, combine and organise musical ideas within musical structures. (Spring 1)    Within this theme children will investigate famous European classical composers. (Spring 2 unit)   


Visit a church of a different denomination  Recycling centre  Visit from a dentist  Visit Bolton museum – Egyptian Visit Tesco – bake bread Visit Blackburn textile museum


4.1 God, David and the Psalms (6) 4.2 Christmas – Light (6) 4.3 Jesus the Son of God (7) 4.4 Easter – Betrayal and Trust (5) 4.5 The Church (12) (Non-Christian faith – Jewish synagogue) 4.6 Prayer (4) S9 What Matters Most(3/4) 


Programming/ data loggers – 4.2  Sound  - 4.3 Text and images/ media Wiki – 4.1 Data handling  - 4.4 Programming – 4.5  Digital research – 4.6 


Striking and fielding  Dance  Invasion games  Gymnastics  Outdoor adventures  Athletics


Aspirations Discriminations  Health  Communication  Diversity Collaboration/ economic awareness  

Literacy & Language

Unit 3 - Narrative Verse (4 weeks). Unit 3 - Explanations. Unit 5 – non-fiction – Newspaper report (2 weeks) Unit 1 – use text as whole class read Unit 6 - Stories from other cultures (4 weeks)  Unit 4 – link with debate – Junior detective Unit 1 – non-fiction as a teaching tool

Lancashire Units

Non-fiction – Explanation – 2/3 weeks Classic poetry and fairy tales - ‘The Pied Piper’ (3 weeks of fairy 1 week of poetry) Dilemmas – 3 weeks                                               Persuasion – (adverts) – 2 weeks Stories with a theme – Mouse hole cat – (4 weeks).  Poetry with a structure (1 weeks). Information booklet – cross curricular Folk tales – Tricks and tricksters (4 weeks). Debate (Fox hunting (Mary Poppins/ Fox and the Hound) (2 weeks). Optional poetry  Novel as a theme – Gulliver’s Travels ( 4 weeks).  Non-chronological report – 2 weeks  

Scaffolded Outcomes  

Fantasy story Explanation Fairy tale.  Diary/letter linked to the poem. Newspaper article Story with a dilemma.  Persuasive advert or sales pitch 1st person narrative in role information text Folk tale. Debate linked to hunting and animals 1st person narrative in role. Non-Chronological report

Independent Writing Opportunities (Literacy cross curricular)

Letter introducing yourself to your new teacher. Explanations linked to electricity/sound  Fantasy story (film stimulus) Information text linking to the plague Explanation linked to recycling. Fairy tale – film stimulus. Newspaper article linked to the plague Writing in role/diary as a character.  Explanation of digestive system. Story with a dilemma. Persuasive advert or sales pitch Welcome to the Nile/Ancient Egypt brochure. Non chronological report linked to Egypt. Explanation of the states of matter Folk tale (tricks and tricksters – Brere Rabbit?). Debate – different element involving animals. Instructions on how to make something (recipe).  Instructional poem about food Music review. Persuasion – travel brochure. DT evaluation of product


Electric Storm Anne Capeci The Pied Piper of Hamelin Michael Morpurgo The Magic School Bus inside the human body -  Joanna  Cole The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt  Elizabeth Payne. The Time Travelling Cat. Julia Jarman Fox - Margaret Wild & Ron Brooks The Mystery of the Melting Snowman Florence Parry Heide


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