Year 3 Annual Curriculum Overview


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Autumn 2

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Summer 1

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There's No Place Like Home Healthy Humans  Rock and Roll!  The Iron Man  What the Romans Did For Us How Does Your Garden Grow?

Subject Science

  Nutrition, diet and movement and the skeleton  Rocks and fossils  Forces and Magnets Light and shadows and reflections Plants

Subject -History

Local history   Ancient Britain -Stonehenge     Roman Britain  

Subject -Geography

The region where I live (UK) –OS map work plus fieldwork   Key aspects of volcanoes and earthquakes   A region in the UK –Lake District       

Subject -Art

Art & Design:  DT: Food – simple dish. Art: 3D clay or textile sculpture   Art: observational drawings Design Technology: mechanical systems – levers and linkages Art: painting on plaster, mosaics  DT: structures – shell/ frame structures

Subject -Music

Analyse and compare sounds. Singing together project   creating – experimenting with and create musical patterns Singing together project. Sing songs in unison. Singing together project  performing – practice, rehearse and present    


Visit Blackburn Museum  Tescos to make food History Museum Liverpool Manchester museum of technology Ribchester Trip to Witton Park


3.5 Rules for Living.  (Non – faith unit – Buddhism)  3.2 Christmas - God With Us 3.3 Jesus the man who changed lives. 3.4 Easter – Joy, Sadness, Joy 3.1 The Old Testament – Called by God. S5 Expressing Christian faith through Art.  S10 Proverbs


IT Movies/ Multimedia CS – Programming/  Computational thinking IT/ DL- Digital research CS – Programming/ Hardware DL/ CS – Communication, collaboration/ networking IT – Presenting information


Dance Games Gymnastics Outdoor and adventurous activities Invasion Games  Athletics


Rules and responsibilities Healthy lifestyles Safety Emotions Similarities and differences Growing and changing. Economic

Literacy & Language

Unit 6 – narrative. Non-fiction – biography – 3 weeks   Unit 3– non-fiction unit - discussion Unit 3 – Science Fiction - Tale of two robots Unit 2 – Play script (2/3 weeks). Unit 5 – non chronological report – 2 weeks  Unit 4 – Explanation (1 week)

Lancashire Units

Biography and Folk tales – 4 weeks Poems – 2 weeks. Fables – 2/3 weeks. Persuasive writing -2 weeks Discussion – 2weeks (linked with Literacy and Language). Story of a theme - Stig of the dump – 3 weeks. Poem – 1 day Novel - The Iron man – 4 weeks. Non- fiction – diaries – 2 weeks (can link story to Literacy and Language)  Play scripts – Dumb Spyro (Literacy Shed). Non – chronological – cross-curricular Novel - The Enchanted Wood – main link poetry (4 weeks). Classic poem – Spiderfly – 1 week

Scaffolded Outcomes

Folk tale.  Biography (Jamila Gavin) Fable. Letter – how to be healthy/eat healthily Diary in role. Story based on Stig. Discussion text about volcanoes Chunk a plot based on chapter of The Iron Man or  Extend a story using L&L Tale of 2 Robots. Diary Non chronological report on Roman Britain. Playscript (Lancashire) Choose a chapter/clip from the vook, chunk a plot. Explanation of how plants grow

Independent Writing Opportunities (Literacy cross curricular)

Independent folk tale. Biography of a local person. Information leaflet linked to the local area Fable. Letter – how to be healthy/eat healthily Diary in the role of Stig. Read other stone age story (Ug) and write account form 1st person. Discussion based on familiar event – changing lunch time, cats v dogs Use Literacy Shed to find Sci Fi clip, chunk a plot and rewrite story. Biography of Isaac Newton – linked to forces. Non chron fact file on magnets Watch Spyro and write in own words. Write a letter sent to Spyro (opened in film). Write a diary entry in the role of Spyro. Write a diary entry or a letter from a Roman soldier Choose another clip – children to rewrite. Describe a land at the top of the tree. Rewrite the poem Spiderfly in their own words.  Science explanation text


Street Child by Berlie  Doherty Running Wild Michael Morpurgo  Stone girl Bone Girl Laurence  Anholt. Pebble in my pocket Meredith Hooper & Chris Cody  The Iron Man What Makes a shadow   Clyde Robert-  Bulla. Roman Invasion Jim Eldridge James and the Giant Peach Roald Dahl            


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