Year 2 Annual Curriculum Overview


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


The Place where I live  Fighting Fit  Explorers  The Farm Shop (Science) Wind in the Willows  Buckets and Spades 

Subject -Science

Nature and field journals – observations of plants and animals in their local environment   Humans - what humans need to survive, human growth and exercise   Human health and nutrition; requirements for plant  growth Living things and habitats Uses of everyday materials - suitability of different materials for particular uses

Subject -History

Significant places in their own locality (including schools and playgrounds)   Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus      Events beyond living memory or places in their locality - the seaside then and now

Subject -Geography

 Small area of the UK – where I live and play   Small area in a contrasting non-European country   Seasonal and daily weather       

Subject -Art

Art & Design: Drawings and paintings of local area developed into printmaking Art & Design: Figure drawing with proportions using wooden figures developed into clay Design and Technology: Mechanisms - wheels and axles Design Technology: Food - the eatwell plate, where food comes from, principles of a healthy diet Design and Technology: Textiles - using a template, simple joining, choice of stitches, choice of materials Art & Design: Collage using papers, fabric materials, drift wood

Subject -Music

Listening - experiencing how sounds can be made in different ways Rehearse and perform with others, starting and finishing together and keeping a steady pulse Play  tuned and unturned instruments Experiment with and create musical patterns. Use their voices expressively by singing songs and speaking chants and rhymes. Listening - know how music is used descriptively for a particular purpose Explore, choose and organise sounds and musical ideas


Blackburn Museum or Mayor Invite doctor/nurse to visit Witton CLC Chiquitos/ Tesco Farm to Fork Witton Park Blackpool Sealife & Beach/ Blackburn Cathedral/ Local Church


2.1 The Bible (6hrs)  S12 Peace 2.7 Christmas- The journey to Bethlehem Non-Christian faith Unit: Special Books (4hrs)  S1 Holy Week 2.4 Easter – symbols (5hrs) 2.3 Jesus a friend to everyone 2.5. The Church (5hrs)  Non-Christian faith Unit: Places of Worship (4hrs)


Sound/ multimedia Electronic communication Programming Presenting information Data handling Programming


Gymnastics Gymnastics Invasion Games Athletics                                                       Games-Striking and Fielding Dance  Athletics


communities hygiene communication Money and finance Changing and growing  Keeping safe

Literacy & Language

Unit 1: Familiar settings/ explanation text (Parents and their young)  Unit 4: Traditional  tales/instruction texts  Unit 6: fantasy setting/information text (chocolate) Unit 5: Familiar setting/communication texts   Unit 3: Play script/persuasive writing (Gnomes) Unit 2: Poetry (Under the sea)/non-chronological text

Lancashire Units

Stories with familiar settings. Non-chronological reports. Poems on a theme Traditional tales with a twist  Instructions. Stories by the same author. Non-chronological report Stories with familiar settings. Persuasion. Riddles Animal adventure stories. Recount: Letters.Classic Poems Stories as a theme. Poems on a theme. Explanations

Scaffolded Outcomes

Write a story and explanaition text. Write a new fairytale and instructions. Write a fantasy story and information text. Write a diary entry, e-mail and invitation. Write a playscript and a film trailor. Write poetry and non-chronological text.

Independent Writing Opportunities (Literacy cross curricular)

Non-chronological reports Recount, instructions Explanation text, wanted poster Recipes and menus Reports Post card, diary entry


Mr Birdsnest and the house next door George’s Marvellous medicine Treasure Island The Sheep Pig Wind in the Willows Fotsam and Jepsam
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