School Council

St Luke and St Philips have a ‘School Council' which consists of 10 pupils from year two upwards; a boy and a girl, elected by their own class. This group meets with Miss Newsome on a regular basis.  The school council makes decisions, after consulting with their peers, about changes in our school.

 Why do we need School Councils?

School councillors help the adults in our school make the right decisions for pupils.  For many years it has been up to adults to make decisions for children but having a school council gives the children a voice.

What is the job of a School Councillor?

  • To go to School Council meetings and take part in discussions
  • To let your class know what was talked about at the meetings
  • To take the ideas and views of your classmates to the Council
  • To be involved in activities that the School Council runs

What are the aims for the school council?

  • To promote pupils’ views through discussion about issues raised by pupils and staff which affect the life of the school both in the present and in the future.
  • To help the people, who make decisions in the school, understand and respect pupils’ points of view.
  • To give pupils an opportunity to understand and participate in a democratic process.
  • To enable pupils to participate effectively in school and debate and address issues of concern to you both in and out of school.
  • To give pupils a real say in how you learn and achieve.
  • To promote the school's reputation and to maintain the school ethos.
  • To undertake projects that will improve the quality of the school.









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