St. Luke & St. Philip’s Primary School; A Church of England Academy

The school, part of the Cidari Education Academy, is mainly for the education of children residing within the Parish of St. Luke with St. Philip. The School is open to children outside the Parish and admission to the school is controlled by the Governors.

The Headteacher, in consultation with the Governors, is responsible for internal organisation, management and discipline of the school. The Governors, who meet at least once a term, have a range of responsibilities for the school. The Church chooses eight of the Governors and the Local Authority chooses three. The Board of Governors includes two Parent Governors, one elected by the parents and one nominated by the Church.

Our school was founded in 1857 but is now housed in an attractive building opened in 1987. The dedicated and committed staff make the school as attractive and as stimulating for the children as possible. Each pupil is challenged to produce their best work and through encouragement and reward the enjoyment of success can be felt.

St. Luke & St. Philip’s Primary School complies with the requirements of the Education Reform Act and National Curriculum guidelines on lesson content, assessment and record keeping.

We are a Church of England school but we are delighted to welcome children of all creeds, races and colour.

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