Collective Worship Summer 2016



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Bible Reading

Summer Term 1st Half Value: Compassion
Christians believe that their attitudes and actions must reflect the kindness, mercy and compassion of Jesus and the love of God for everyone.


Telling the whole story: In this act of worship children will reflect upon the Christian belief that God is always near to them and ready to listen.

VFL – Compassion: Week 1
Text – Footprints in the Sand


Showing Compassion to Others by Sharing what we have: In this act of worship children learn from the story of the Feeding of the 5000 about how God used the gift of one small boy to make a huge difference.  They reflect on different ways in which they can share with others VFL – Compassion: Week 2
Text – Loaves and Fish from The Lion Bible for Children, retold by Murray Watts
Matthew 14

KS2 SATS ALL WEEK – In Class discuss Our School Values and what they mean


Telling the whole story: In this act of worship children learn from the story of Ruth about the need to hour and respect older members of their families. They will reflect on the wisdom and experience that older people can offer the young. VFL – Compassion: Week 3
Text Ruth and Naomi from The Lion Bible for Children, retold by Murray Watts

Ruth 1


Seeing the Truth: In this act of worship, children learn about the Christian belief that all people in need are our neighbours. They reflect upon the needs of refugees in this country. VFL – Compassion: Week 4
‘The Kind Stranger’ The Lion Storyteller Bible retold by Bob Hartman
Luke 10

Half Term

Summer Term 2nd Half: Value: Courage
Basic to Christian faith is the claim that God is always present in every situation.  This belief has led to great acts of courage that have included facing danger and opposition, overcoming fear, making a stand for what is right and encouraging others to persevere.  Through prayer people have found the strength to help them to be courageous.


Encouraging Others:

Christians believe that in times of difficulty they can pray to God for encouragement and strength.  It is also important to offer help and encouragement to others facing difficulty.

VFL – Courage: Week 1
Shipwreck! From The Lion Bible for Children
Acts 25-27


Facing our Fears with Courage:

This act of worship looks at the story of St George and the Dragon and explores how we may overcome our own fears and worries.
VFL – Courage : Week 2
George and the Dragon


Facing Bullies with Courage:

The story of David and Goliath is used to help children think about how they as individuals and collectively as a school community, respond to instances of bullying.
VFL – Courage: Week 3
King David from The Lion Bible for Children retold by Murray Watts
Samuel 1:17


The Courage to Stand Firm:

The story of Daniel illustrates that there are those who are prepared to stand firm for their beliefs even though this may put them in danger.

VFL – Courage: Week 4
Daniel and the Lions – story taken from the Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman
Daniel 6


Courage to make the first move:

Through the story of the selfish crocodile children are challenged to be courageous in offering friendship.
VFL – Courage: Week 5
The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles and Michael Terry


Extension Assemblies

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Leavers Assembly – 18/06/16

Ending and Beginning – 19/06/16

Prize Giving – 20/06/16

Celebration Assembly – 21/06/16

Leavers Service in Church – 22/06/16
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