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Bible Reading

Spring Term 1st Half: Value: Service (including Epiphany)

Suggested Biblical Teachings - Luke 10:25-37, Acts 4:32-35, John 13: 4-7, Isaiah 42:1, Isaiah 53: 3-12, Mark 10.45 ,   Galatians 5:13-14, Philippians 2:5-7



Using our talents to serve

In this worship we look at all the talents that we can use to serve others or brighten up their lives

Big Question

  • 7 cards, one for each letter of the word SERVICE.  On the back of each card the line from the acrostic poem that begins with the letter.
  • Talk partners are needed

Class Worship Ideas –signs of service

  • Put a tall container on the worship table and a tub of marbles close by. When children notice someone performing an act of service this week ask them to put a marble in the jar.  Ask them to share what they have observed in assembly later in the week.

 Galations 5.13

Serve on another in love



Receiving as well as giving

In this worship we are thinking about how relationships and friendships are made strong when we both give and receive from one another.

Bob Hartman’s poem, ‘Jugs and Jars’. It

is a retelling of a story from the Bible about a widow who served by sharing all she had and was rewarded in an amazing way.

Big Question

  • Children to hold a jug and a jar and show others the actions during the story, practising beforehand is advised.

Class Worship

  • Make a number of cut out small jugs and jars.  Invite children to write on a jug an example of a time they have served someone else and on a jar how they have been served.
Create a display of the paired jugs and jars.
 1 Kings 17.7-16



Giving with no strings attached

The Bible tells us the amazing truth that Jesus Christ, God’s very own Son, came to Earth as a servant.

Jesus did not put any conditions on the way He served, there were ‘no strings attached’ and His love for us was the greatest gift he could give.

Big Question


Preparation and resources

A wrapped gift

A £10 note

Children to read prayer

Children to have rehearsed the ‘No Strings Attached’ drama.

Class Worship Ideas

  • Plan a Secret Service Week in School
  • Have  paper magnifying glass shapes available on the worship table
When someone thinks they have been the recipient of Secret Service they could write what happened on the paper shape.  These could be used to create a Secret Service display.
 'I did not come to be served but to serve.' - Matthew 20.28


Chinese New Year


Looking at the heart

Big Question


Preparation and Resources

  • Picture of David anointed by Samuel, from The Bedford Psalter and Hours
  • Seven Yr 6 boys to line up as sons of Jesse and a child from Reception class to act as David

Class Worship Ideas

  • Make a whole school life-line for David. Each class could find out about a different part of David’s life and create a symbol that illustrates it.
Think about your own life line, not only the past but also your dreams and aspirations for the future.


06/02/17 9th February History Day

Inset 10/02/17


Living for others

In this worship children think about how Jesus taught his followers to live a life of service to others, rather than, each one living for him or herself.

Big Question

  • A child to read the Bible passage
  • Boy and girl puppets and puppet theatre / cloth or table for the puppeteers to hide behind.


Class Worship Ideas

  • Look at job titles of people who serve the community – what do they do and how does it make a difference? E.g. optician, politician, midwife etc.
 Matthew 4.18-20

Half Term

Spring Term 2nd Half Value: Respect (Including Lent)
 Christians believe that they can call God their friend because of the relationship made possible through Jesus.


Maths Problem Solving Day 22nd Feb



Remembering to pray for others

Who do you know that you really respect?

Why do you respect them?


Preparation and Resources

  • 7 cards, one for each letter of word RESPECT. On back of each card the line from acrostic poem that begins with the letter
  • Talk partners will be needed
  • Class Worship Ideas
  • On cut out hand shapes, write ‘hand prayers’ to use in Worship time later in the term

Ephesus 6:18

Always keep on praying for all God’s people


Shrove Tuesday 28/02/17
Ash Wednesday 01/02/17

World Book Day
2nd March



Valuing Difference

In our worship we are thinking about how each person is unique and everyone is special.

Preparation and Resources

  • Children with placards with the numbers 10,20,30,…100, to hold up as everyone counts and 3 more placards on which are written. Ooof! Whoa! And Oww!
  • Rehearse for a few minutes beforehand with the placard holders to make sure they know when to hold them up.

Class Worship Ideas

  • Play a game that shows children that they may think they are different from others but actually have surprising things in common.




In our worship we are valuing others as we would like to be valued


Preparation and Resources

  • Picture of ‘The Golden Rule’ mosaic presented to the United Nations.
  • Children who have rehearsed ‘Living By The Golden Rule’ drama.

             Class Worship Ideas

  • Children to draw or write if someone has lived out a Golden Rule in the way they’re lived or behaved towards them.

Matthew 7:12

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


St Patricks Day

17th March



Valuing special places

In our worship we are valuing special places
  • Preparation and Resources
  • Picture of The Angry Christ by Lino Pontebon
  • If possible, a chalice and paten ( or another sacred object) from your local church

Class Worship Ideas

Invite someone from your local church or other place of worship to explain how they care for their special place and how symbols and sacred objects help to demonstrate respect and honour given to God.



Mothers Day

26th March


In our worship we are valuing different opinions
  • Preparation and Resources
  • Boy and Girl puppets and puppet theatre, cloth or table for the puppeteers to hide behind.

Class Worship Ideas

Invite visitors into school from different faith communities to talk about their special festivals and the ways they mark and celebrate these.
1 Peter 2.17


Review of Respect Review of Respect  


Easter: Holy Week: Complete over the course of the week the ‘Path to Easter’ display.

  • Refer to Margaret Cooling Spring Term Assemblies p81, 82, 83, 84 (the Path to Easter)
  • Lion Storyteller Bible: Palm Sunday p132, Last Supper/Betrayal p136, Good Friday p138, Easter p140.

Mon: John 12: 1-11

Tues: John 12:20-36

Wed: John 13: 21-32

Thurs: John 13: 1-17

Fri: John 18: 1-19

6th April

Easter Service in church




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